Nicky Boom

Nicky Boom 1.13

Help Nicky Boom find his grandfather


  • Great fun to play
  • Large worlds
  • Simple controls
  • Range of imaginative baddies


  • Main character sprite is poorly designed

Very good
The early nineties were something of a boom-time for platform games. Titles like Wonderboy, Alex Kidd and Nicky Boom all featured heroic boys on a quest to save their world.

Nicky Boom, a popular hit on the Amiga back in 1993, has now been ported to mobile devices, and recreates the magic of the original very well. The outline of the story is that Nicky's grandfather has been captured by the evil witch Zoldrane, who wants to steal his secrets. Nicky Boom must get to his granddad by traversing a series of perilous levels, conquering all the various creatures that Zoldrane has turned into her dastardly army.

Nicky Boom proves to be a really fun platform romp that brings the memories of those childhood days spent smashing snails and beating up beetles flooding back. Just like the original, the mobile version of Nicky Boom offers huge worlds to explore, secret areas to unlock, and power-ups and weapons to collect along the way.

The graphics in Nicky Boom are pretty good, although I was a bit disappointed by the rendering of the main character. Due to the way the sprite is drawn he's often difficult to spot against red or orange backgrounds, which can become annoying. The backgrounds are nice though and there's a diverse array of imaginative baddies to battle along the way.

There's plenty of fun to be had with Nicky Boom, and it's pretty in-depth for a mobile title.

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Nicky Boom


Nicky Boom 1.13

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